Decom division

GMC Decom is located at Stord where the company disposes of a machine fleet and a suitable feeding area with docks, slipway and approved area for demolition.

GMC Decom is one of the most experienced companies in Norway that performs disposal of oil installations in the North Sea.

Reference projects include Frigg, Brent Flare, Phillips Maureen, Esso Odin and Statoil Gullfaks.

In combination with the multidisipline product and services offered in GMC Maritime, GMC Decom offer the knowledge that are necessary to perform large and complex assignments in the removal and decomissioning.

We have approved deep water quay and decom facility at Eldøyane, Stord.

Some of what we can offer:

  • Studies for decommissioning
  • Mapping of materials
  • Removal and segregation of waste, including hazardous waste
  • Excavators equipped with steel shears, claws or magnets
  • On site office facilities for clients
  • ISPS quay
  • Slipway
  • Water treatment system



Eirik Fjone

Eirik Fjone

VP Decom Division

 +47 954 37 124