Marine division

Our marine division operates one of Northern Europe’s largest shipyards. We repair and re-build all kinds of vessels using a flexible professional environment and state-of-the-art facilities.

Our main business areas are ad-hoc repairs, dry-docking, re-building, modification and classification of ships and marine vessels. Fast mobilisation, a multi-discipline approach, strategically located facilities and proven quality through many years are some of our competitive advantages. 
Marine division operates one of Northern Europe’s largest dock facilities and deep-water quays. In Stavanger, we offer:

  • Dry dock 140 x 22,5 metres
  • Dry dock 280 x 42,4 metres
  • 900 meter deep water quay facilities
  • Well-equipped workshops close to quays
  • Two 110 ton & One 130 ton crane capacity
  • Mobile workshops for ad-hoc repair or mobilisation projects
  • Steel, electric, hydraulic, HVAC and mechanical engineering work
  • Supply and rental of Cranes & Lifting Equipment and other Marine equipment

Our 24/7 ad-hoc services include:

  • Repair and modification work
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels
  • Sea fastening for heavy marine transport  
  • Machinery and rotating equipment service
  • Tank inspection & crack repair
  • Cranes & Lifting equipment repairs and certification 

We provide quay and workshop facilities at our bases at Buøy, Kalhammaren, Mekjarvik, Jåttåvågen and Gismarvik, as well as several deep-water mooring and lay-up sites. 
Our division consistently provides one dedicated project manager for every project in order to ensure efficient and transparent customer communication.

The division offers prefabrication of large and small steel or aluminium structures for the marine and offshore industries.

We always keep our deadlines, ensuring that the vessel is ready for delivery on the agreed date and provide predictable cost control for the customer.

A flexible professional environment and state-of-the-art facilities make GMC Maritime one of the most competitive workshops for the repair and classification of conventional vessels, barges and offshore vessels


Rune Christensen

Rune Christensen

VP Marine Division

+47 908 48 050

Tore Sperre

Tore Sperre

Sales Manager

+47 915 51 600

Terje Jekteberg

Terje Jekteberg

Operations Manager

+47 900 44 359